Preparing for Your Surgery


National Partners in Healthcare is pleased to be a part of your healthcare team, alongside your surgeon and the facility, to ensure you have a positive experience. Please be sure to follow any instructions your surgeon has given you in addition to the guidelines presented in the Anesthesia Patient Brochure.


Information About Anesthesia

For detailed information including: What To Do After Your Surgery is Scheduled, What to Expect the Day of Surgery, Types of Anesthesia, and Medication Instructions, click on the blue button on this page named “NPH Anesthesia Patient Brochure.”



Please note that anesthesia services are billed separately from the rest of your surgery. We do participate with most major insurance plans. Depending on your insurance, you may have some out-of-pocket expenses. You can call our Billing Department at 480-820-0627 if you have questions or would like to make pre-payment arrangements.


Review the full details: