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Medstream Anesthesia Joins NPH

 This partnership adds 700+ providers covering 61 facilities in 12 states resulting in a larger national presence for NPH. In addition, NPH will gain 59 Chief CRNAs, 59 Medical Directors, and 90 practice management personnel.

We make it a practice to do better.

Your New Partners

At National Partners in Healthcare, we believe in developing a foundation of trust, transparency, and excellence in everything we do. We partner with physicians and health systems to deliver our vision of high-quality care, aligning synergies and best practices to achieve superior outcomes.

Better Practice

Our model enables anesthesiologists to invest more time in clinical outcomes and relationships with patients, facilities and surgeons. We believe a physician-centric focus provides anesthesiologists greater opportunities to maximize efficiencies and streamline operations, allowing practices to achieve superior sustainable results.

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U.S Anesthesiology Markets


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Improved Outcomes



Measurable Improvements Where It Matters

The benefits of partnership.

Partnership Medicine

Partnership Medicine

Our leadership and expertise lead the industry with new partnership opportunities in a more collaborative approach.

Clinical Autonomy

Clinical Autonomy

We believe in a model that allows Anesthesiologists the freedom and autonomy to focus on delivering high-quality patient care.

Quality Focused

Quality Focused

We invest heavily in capturing and reporting quantitative and qualitative results to drive best in class quality performance and outcomes.

Collaborative Relationships

Collaborative Relationships

We establish long-term collaborative relationships based on mutual trust and respect that extends to our patients, our Anesthesiologists and CRNAs, our facility and surgeon partners, and payors.

Patient Centered. Physician Led.

At National Partners in Healthcare, we view the role of anesthesiologists and CRNAs as critical to the long-term success of our national platform. Collaborating with our anesthesiologist and CRNA partners to perfect the delivery of healthcare, grow anesthesiology practices, and build lasting facility, surgeon and payor relationships with a focus on patient outcomes is at the core of what National Partners in Healthcare does every day.

Total Transparency.

Transparency You Need

  • Review monthly KPIs with actionable metrics based on industry benchmarks
  • Access to productivity and financial reports
  • Collaborate with other physicians to drive clinical quality improvements and outcomes
  • Distribution of monthly and quarterly practice management reports

Data You Can Use

  • Significant investments in industry-leading revenue cycle and practice management platforms
  • Better reporting capabilities to effectively measure, track and report quality metrics, productivity and OR utilization to deliver actionable insights to facilities and surgeons
  • Maximize operating room efficiencies with better data, identifying cost-saving initiatives resulting in more on-time starts and reductions in turnover times

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